Fixing the Fence

The place on which a fence is being constructed above used to be occupied by an old acacia tree whose roots had managed to destroy the fence and almost the gate. It will be fitted with a new iron grill in like design with the other spans of the peripheral fence. This project was begun two days ago. 

The acacia tree was chopped down long ago but its stump was left, with its destructive roots. Now after a couple of chainsaws destroyed, and after a digging of more than meter under the roots, and burning, chopping, cutting, and almost a week-long trouble, the roots were not totally excavated. When the ground could finally be leveled, then its area was cemented.

The project was completed by Fr. Rolly Salosagcol with the help of the municipal government, John Quinto, Atty. Carungay, and paid hands.