The Koi Pond and the Aviary

"Food! Glorious food!" ... No thanks. It's for joyous viewing only for young and the young at heart.

If you do not know the variety of koi you are looking at, refer to the guide at the upper left corner of the pond.

African lovebirds and cockatiels of many generations inhabit this wonderful aviary.

This twosome features are accompanied by a pair of turtles (picture of cage not included with the pictures.) This set of animals is a part of the unique feature of the things beneath the terrace. Beneath the terrace are the laundry area (beside the aviary), a dirty kitchen (which is clean), the office of Fr. Prime, his receiving area, and the garage area. The whole blends with the terrace above with the theme of ornamental hanging plants and other tropical species. 

This area is a favorite among young people. These kids are kind to the animals, they don't leave any trash either, and they are usually silent when observing the animals.

This place soothes the spirits of super-energetic kids. Courtesy of Fr. Primo Aquino, the designer.